Another week, another pound!

Weight: 163.8

Obviously I have not been able to reign it in very much.  Has there been a lot of anxiety? Yes! More than usual?  No (I don’t think so).  What’s the difference then?  How I am dealing with the anxiety.  I need to take this fear in my heart to God.

Actually, I woke up this morning feeling pretty happy because yesterday night there was a major battle in my heart to go buy a chocolate bar after yoga class and I resisted (by some miracle of the Lord!).  I reasoned with myself, I prayed, I very nearly gave in….but I did ask myself some important questions that helped:

  1.  Will one chocolate bar be enough? (no, the lust for them is endless, I could eat countless of them…nothing is ever enough)
  2. What about my goals and my dreams?  (being obsessive about food keeps me tracked in an endless cycle of self focus which means I never get to focus on the purpose God made for me)
  3. At some point, am I going to want to return to eating healthily? (yes, of course! so what is the point to sabotaging myself now or giving up?  I can’t afford to lose this battle)

I also prayed and somehow steered my car safely home as opposed to the gas station treats (pathetic, I know!).

I was a bit sobered by the number on the scale still as I had not even dinner because I had been full from lunch.  Anyway, just need to keep fighting.












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