Recovering Slowly

Weight: 156.6

I’m feeling somewhat better today.  So very glad that is the case.  There is still some lingering discomfort from the food poisoning but at least I’m on the end!  woo hoo

Even though I was not feeling 100%, I went to a dance aerobic class yesterday and pilates/yoga class tonight.  The first class I had to stop halfway due to feeling ill (headache coming on and pain in ma belly) but tonight’s class was okay.   I have not gone to Pilates in a while  and I am experiencing some regression in my ability to keep up.  However, I just kept trying to finish each exercise set.  I really look forward to the time when I can actually ‘do’ the entire class.  I was almost there before (hard to believe).  I will be there again!!

So let us talk about that weigh in, shall we?  I mean it just kinda blows me AWAY!! seriously.  I am almost at the weight I was before my second pregnancy (more than 4 years ago)  At that time I was really working on losing weight and getting healthy and had finally gotten to 155 for the first time in my post-university life.  That weight really is another turning point weight for me.  AMAZING….(of course I must curb my enthusiasm a bit since  this weight will most likely shoot up  once I am fully recovered and back to normal eating…we will see because honestly, I’m just not that hungry these days, sticking with my 1-2 meals and not craving the sweets etc…leading me to believe I’m in the holy grail of ketosis….like I said, we will see 🙂

I’m hoping by April 1st that I will be 155…which is only about a pound away.  My goal is just to continue eating low carb, high fat consistently steering clear of sugar and continue to enjoy consistent exercise….

….and I do mean ENJOY exercise (who is this alien writing this blog??  do not know her anymore)  Ever since I did so much research about weight loss, I am so convinced that exercise is not where it is at for weight loss.  For a million other things yes (including lots to do with health) but it does not actually assist weight loss all that much.  So my perspective on exercise has changed so so so so so much.  Nowadays I walk in the morning with my kids because I know it makes me feel better and is supposed to help with the depression I struggle with.  I go to Zumba (dance exercise) because it is so much fun.  I go to Yoga and Pilates because it is relaxing and I like stretching and feeling myself getting better.  I like thinking I’m building a stronger, better me.  I do bodyweight exercises at home (usually 50 of pushups, squats and situps on days on which I don’t get any other exercise) because I want to get stronger and I like the challenge and feeling of accomplishment.  I  want to grow old and be flexible, strong and capable.  I want a strong ‘future me’.

I never ever think I’m doing it for losing weight.  I rarely think that I need to exercise because I ate or will eat something caloric.  I’m guessing thinking that way in the past made me think of exercise as punishment so of course I was not so keen about it.   Also exercise became something I only did when I was focussed on weight loss because the reason I was participating in it was for weight loss…so when my focus on weight loss went away, the exercise would stop.

It is freeing and so much more fun to think of exercise as something I get to do; as a privilege to move one’s own body (as we know many cannot for various health and other reasons) It is also really fun to consider it a challenge ….the challenge of building my flabby body into something new and different.  I have never been super fit.  I am so excited to see where I can go with this consistency.

And so I just try to move my body every day…amazing!  Where will God take me next?






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