2 days of failure

I have not been able to stay away from the Easter chocolate.  I wish I would just wisen up and boot all the chocolate from the house BUT I have small children and they like to keep some. (yes, I actually have been stealing my children’s chocolate – pathetic)  This morning I got side tracked again by my old nemesis (NOT WANTING TO WASTE FOOD, especially expensive food) some old persimmons were sitting in the fridge and I knew it was either down my hatch or garbage because they were looking old around the edges)  Knowing I am only supposed to eat one PALEO meal a day and I was planning that for the BBQ later, I still went ahead and ate them….frustrating!  Then I opened the freezer and chocolate eggs were staring me in the face and it was all too much.  I gobbled them up too.  But all this began with feel frustrated that I lost my daughter’s ‘gratitude journal’….have looked all over and no sign of it.  THis makes me sad because there are a lot of great memories recorded in that journal and it upsets me when we lose track of these things because she always insists on taking them and keeping them.   THen of course I felt overwhelmed by the fact that I was not sure what to do next to best use my time while the kids watched TV after breakfast.  That mild anxiety led to this food mini-disaster.

(Also I had a Mcdonald’s breakfast followed by two of their yummy apple pies yesterday. That was yesterday’s failure, hence 2 days of failure.  There were chocolate eggs that morning too. I need to remember two things 1) that their breakfast is just not as yummy as it used to be and 2) no matter how many of their apple pies I eat it will NEVER be enough. So might as well not start on those bad boys.

So what should I do now?  Typically, I would just throw the towel for at least the day but what I learned in February this year is not to make the stumbles a total fall.  The quicker I pick myself up, the better I will do in every sense.

My plan is doggedly to complete as much of my checklist today as possible….even if I did already fail about not eating sugar and keeping it to one meal.  Maybe I can just make the chocolate eggs and wafers the end of things for meals today?  Not sure, don’t want to let myself get too hungry, especially when I am so vulnerable and teetering of late.


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