Food Poisoning


I have a bad habit of wanting to save food – at almost any cost.  In the last few months, I have had terrible food poisoning two times from eating questionable food – food that I could taste was somehow off and still I continued on, despite not being hungry, despite the bad taste?!? (I have no idea what is wrong with me)

Of course my husband always reminds me that storing/saving food on my hips is really not helping anyone, including my weight loss efforts but I think these latest bouts with food poisoning has really gotten me thinking twice about all my wily ways regarding saving food.  I just really need to learn to chuck food!

Bad stomach pain for four straight days (although one night I did eat homemade artisan pizza and a giant cookie at a friend’s house) meant I did not eat very much and thus of course I’ve lost a quick two pounds.  I don’t want to make too big a deal of it but it is a teeny bit exciting being solidly in the 150’s….can’t lie!

I also feel like I look different for the first time since early January.  I mean I feel like there is a change in my appearance and I actually look like I have lost a bit more weight.  It has been slightly discouraging not really seeing any changes in the mirror for going on 2 months.  I really should take some progress photos!

I’ve read before that weight loss can kinda be like growth spurts in the opposite direction.  That we sort of plateau along for some time and then suddenly have a drop in weight.  Seems that is the case with me.  I just need to persevere with the slow periods and not take the lack of weight loss as a cue to dive into a vat of chocolate.  (as if that ever made any sense but see the comment in brackets at the end of the first paragraph!)



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