Building God’s way

weight: 159.4!!!!!

(How long have I wanted to be back in this decade of weight?!!?  amazing…all praise to God…He held my hand through some very dark days where all I wanted to do was face plant into chocolate)

In the Bible, there is a passage likening those who apply God’s word to their lives as building their house on bedrock that will not see the house fall during storms.  In contrast, those who build their house on sand are those who don’t apply God’s word when building their lives.  When storms come, this type of house falls. (Matthew 6:24-27)

I was listening to a sermon regarding this passage recently and he made an excellent point that it was much harder work in ever way to build on the bedrock.  First of all it had to be sought after and dug deep for unlike the sand.  The whole process would take longer and be much more work.  There would be a much longer period when there would be a mess around as the building continued on.  Also building on the bedrock meant that there would be more sacrifice upfront in terms of cost and shifting priorities in the builder’s life.  People may not even understand why you are so slow and messy in comparison to your neighbor and sneer at you.

This is how it is to put God’s words into application in your life.  When times are good,  doing it God’s way (honesty, integrity, commitment…etc.) looks like a lot of hard work with equal or even less gain.  For example, you will keep much more money in your pocket if you cut some easy corners in reporting your taxes. Caring about others and their welfare is slow, unappreciated work.  The very people you are trying to love may very well not notice or thank you.  When you choose not to have sex outside the marriage bed, that may mean a life of celibacy while unbelieving friends seem to be having the time of their lives.

My own experience has borne out over and over again that when I have chosen to do things God’s way, in retrospect I am so grateful I did!  When the storms of life hit, I was not shaken as I could have been.  For example, I chose not to lie about my credentials as many fellow students did.  Later those students were expelled and I was SO grateful I had not followed my baser instincts and stayed true to God’s word.

What does this have to do with weight loss?  I think that for so long I was just not willing to accept the role of hard work and perseverance  in losing weight.  There were times I despaired of even losing a pound – seriously!  But I think God is really teaching me that building something that will last takes character…and I am building that character through this journey….if that makes any sense?  In fact, I guess, I’m not even really rebuilding my body.  I am building character….that is what I believe God is teaching me through this challenge of having a carb sensitive body.

Like I said, I have not been white knuckling it but on the other hand there definitely is this process I’m undergoing where God is teaching me his sufficiency through depression, in the face of food temptations.  Only through walking with Him, have I been able to successfully negotiate these challenges that would see me stumbling every time.

Sorry for waxing on eloquently as I have arrived somewhere and have the unlocked the secrets of the universe.  I guess for me this solid move into the 150’s feels so momentous and like a real breakthrough.  It is so encouraging to see some steady and consistent progress instead of the constant yo yo.  I guess I wanted to write down what has been happening in my heart to turn this corner.  Praying I continue!



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