Day 27 – Healthy Disciplines

Weight: 164.2

I stuck to my checklist today.  I am happy about that and it has helped bring some sanity to my situation.  I hate how four days of mucking about seems to wreck 3 WEEKS of fairly disciplined focus.  Need to think long and hard before I stray off the path of discipline again.  What did I gain for it?  No joy, definitely not peace.  Just a moment of pleasure which very quickly became enslavement to the sugar again. Sin is actually like that. (just an analogy, not saying eating sugar is sin ) Eventually everyone just wants to stop but are not able to stop.  It quickly goes from pleasure to need.

I want to just continue incorporating the healthy disciplines into my life for the next 13 days.  I don’t care too much where the weight ends up (although I had hopes to be out of the 160s…that looks much less likely considering the snuff up!) but I want to continue to grow in discipline and in my walk with God.


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