Day 20 – Healthy Disciplines

(If you are following along closely, you will notice that I have lost a day or something in there but I am too tired to really figure it out so let’s continue)

Yesterday I had 4 pieces of chocolate.  Today I had 3 bites of dessert (plus a handful of chips).  Are these sugar free days?  Is there a bad trend about to happen?  Not exactly sure.  All I feel is that I have a much better sense of how much is too much carbs for me now.  I can certainly get away with a bite or two of carbs.  Anyway the first two bites of dessert are the best ones anyway.  The first one is learning the taste of the dessert…the second bite is your final savour of the flavours.  If I can mindfully enjoy two bites of dessert, it would be awesome.  Let’s see….need to see how this ends because some experts would point to the fact that two days in a row now we have had sugar.  Is a dangerous trend going to happen again?  Again, interestingly, just at the cusp of when I seem to be breaking out of that vicious 10 pound yo yo weight loss journey I am on.

Today’s weight was 163.4!!  I am excited but honestly heaps nervous.  I am in that sensitive period again.  I really want to get permanently out of the 160 range for weight.  I did a fast today for spiritual reasons.  I hope I do not see a big gain in the next few days.  Hopefully I am learning something by going through the rat race over and over again.


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