Day 16 – Healthy Disciplines

Where do the days go?  I want to write every day through this process but no such discipline yet! lolz (I was going to write ‘luck’ and then realized it is just discipline)

Good news is that despite attending my child’s first day of school mini-celebration with ice cream and cake, I abstained (except for a lick of the ice cream scoop mainly coz I don’t like to waste (rolls eyes at self) and remain at 165 pounds.  We had pizza and salad and I enjoyed once slice fully and then ate the toppings off three more….with the addition of generous salad (kale and avocado, delish!), I was extremely satisfied.  Could not eat another bit really.  (this is the real miracle with low carb, high fat….for the first time in my life, I feel truly satiated…like I cannot eat another bite…it is truly incredible to me…just need to stay off too many carbs to stay that way…and with experimentation I am learning my limits…for example, I was not triggered by the bread in that 1 slice of pizza…very cool!)  Thank you God!

As I embrace discipline, I realize one of its many values…it keeps you going strong when the emotion is not there.  I’m thinking specifically about my relationship with God.  For so long I have floundered in so many areas of my life, most importantly with God, because I was waiting to ‘feel’ it.  And as any high school student knows (but that which has escaped this big old woman), is that feelings are elusive and fickle things.  You have to power through with what you know is right to be and get what you want.


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