Day 14 – Healthy Disciplines

Weight: 165

Just yesterday I was 166.2 and honestly a bit disappointed that I did not get into the 165 area for February 1st.  I am grateful I am here today despite it being a very carby day yesterday.  Some of the usual suspects cashews and dahl curry were to blame.  I should just listen to my husband and not buy the cashews or make the curry.  He is right…I am wrong.  Easily dragged away by stuff like that in the house.

As I have mentioned, I am really going after discipline (duh!?! lolz) this year.   I honestly used to think it was okay that I was not disciplined because I more than ‘got by’ in life.  I thought I was pulling one over on others and tricking the system.  It has become painfully clear to me that the main person I was cheating was myself. Nearing 40 years old (probably half my years on this earth), I find myself flabby, aimless, uninspired, clouded, frustrated, confused and mostly discouraged.

Is this all because I lack discipline?  I think so.  I mean as a supposed follower of Jesus, I don’t even have the regular discipline of spending time with the Holy One.  What pain and suffering even such a simple discipline would have saved me over the years??

Anyway, I believe God has brought me into this world for a reason and I believe I need to start practicing/developing discipline in my life to be able to fulfill my purpose.  God alone is my strength on this journey.


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