Day 10 – Healthy disciplines

I want to talk about Friday.  I woke up in a bit of a bad mood.  I was planning to pray and fast at least until dinner but then I just felt super hungry and cranky….and I realized I’m still not at a place to fast in a healthy manner.  If I get too hungry, I make very poor choices.

Anyway, at this point I would have ate everything but I decided a different course.  I quickly scrambled up some eggs had a heaping tablespoon of dahl curry and half a piece of buttered bread.  That was very satisfying and I forced myself to be mindful of the carbs. (As in I got the bread bag and actually calculated how many carbs was in that piece of bread) I still found myself craving food so I told myself I just need to eat things that were within the healthy framework and stay away from sugar.  I warmed some coconut milk and boiled spices in it.  It was very sweet to my taste even through I added zero sweetner.  I could sense it was too much to finish it but I powered through (bad habit!) …and then I had such low blood sugar from spiking my insulin too much.  I guess what I had was too much food and this left me vulnerable for a dinner of packaged oat bar (with mini chocolate chips).  Thankfully my husband encouraged me to have just one and end it at that.  I’m SO glad I listened to his greater wisdom.

I’m really quite how happy with how things went differently on Friday then usual.  I’m glad I steered clear of the sugar during the day for the most part (there may be been some small bites of granola bar)….I’m glad there was not a lot of chocolate or sweets in the house for me to falter with.  I’m glad I listened to my hubby when I was walking down the path of destruction.

I just need to remember to stay away from fasting right now as I think I find myself in trouble too much with it currently.  As much as I would like to do it spiritually and physically for now I am going to stay clear.

Weight: 166.2



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