Day 5 – Healthy Disciplines

I haven’t been writing as consistently as I would like but anyway perseverance is the key so here I am.  To be honest, the weekend with its different schedule really threw me off.  So did watching a movie late into the night on Day 2 as ‘it was the weekend’.  I don’t particularly even enjoy movies or crave watching them.  My escape always has been the written word….books long ago, now blogs and articles read late at night under the covers like a school child who doesn’t want to go to sleep.

I have to remind myself of the latter habit of mine so that I will not be critical and self-righteous of those who do choose movies as an escape.

Yesterday night I gave into my bad habit and uselessly surfed all kinds of stuff on the internet that meant I slept much too late.  Surfing the internet is like chocolate for me…I cannot just have a little!  Anyway, there are way more important things to be doing.

The good thing is at least I’m back here and still doggedly trying to get through my checklist….and for that I give myself a pat on the back.

Weight: 169.2  (stayed the same for the past few days after jumping up from eating salty Korean food one night…also frustrating)


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