Day 2 – Healthy Disciplines

Although it was not a perfect day, it was good enough and for that I’m grateful

Instead of idling the 40 minute wait at the optometrist’s office, I did my Biblestudy there. Usually those 40 minutes would have gone up in smoke.  I would not have even noticed that I had it or that I had wasted that time.  Despite there being the ever present internet surfing to distract me and even a good housekeeping magazine to browse through, I stuck to the task at hand. Yes it was not perfect nor was it perfectly focused.  But I read the Bible.  And I claim that as a victory.

Fine, today’s sugar intake was not exactly nil.  We ordered Korean food and I’m positive there was some sugar in the sauce of my beef dish but still I tried not to have much of the sauce other than what clung to the meat itself and called it GOOD!

Progress my friends…not perfection.  I will take it.

Weight: 167.4



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