170.8 lbs! And the 38 day challenge

How did this happen?

Well…I stopped my regular fasting and then had some negative social interactions which triggered some mild depression and I started eating apple pie and sweet chili fries….and then within 2-3 weeks: whammo!!

Right to back where we started!  Fabulous.

But we must die walking….so we go on from here?  Well hubby is off for two weeks so I think it is an excellent time to put in some good habits in my life.

I am doing a 38 day challenge.  And it starts today…not Jan 1st.  I hope by Jan 1st that there will be some change in my weight.  Will report back.

(btw – never reported on the last day of my fast, basically it was a huge challenge.  I found the first 2 days pretty easy but by the second night, I could not sleep and I woke up weak and irritable….probably day 3 being the worst.  I think I need to really work up to it if I want to be able to do lengthy fasts like that)




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