Day 3 of 4 Day Fast

This one was TOUGH!!  Woke up feeling very tired and drained…(did not sleep well last night coz I was hungry!)…anyway I powered through the morning with 2 young kids with some added help from the hubby who was working at home today.  I mentally gave myself permission to take it easy for the next 2 days so there was lots of TV for the kids.

I also made a bone broth to drink and had lots of that.  When I vowed to fast I included this in my vision so I don’t feel this is breaking the vow.  Hubby felt a bit differently on the issue but the vow is between me and God and my conscience I think is clear.  (I guess in retrospective I realized that the bone broth kinda got me through the day and the whole point of a fast is to depend on God to get through the day)

I even went for a half an hour walk, pushing my big little kids in a double stroller! even uphill!  Felt okay though.

I only wish that I had spent more time in prayer and Bible study instead of seeking distractions.  I really want to be filled with His spirit…not worldly fasting methods.

Weight this morning: 160.4 whoa!! (not looking forward to seeing this number climb when the eventual weight gain after fast happens…boo)

(on a somewhat happy and tortorous note, I have been planning my fast breaking meal…there will be some carbs in the form of curried lentils and a few grains of rice, eggs and fresh green salad will round it out….mmmmm….can’t wait!)


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