Day 2 of 4 Day Fast

This second day was largely uneventful.  It was made exceedingly easy by the fact that I went to visit a friend with two kids.  The day just whizzed by and I barely noticed my hunger.  My biggest challenge comes when trying to feed the kids…whether that means tasting food that I am cooking for them or wanting to eat the tasty morsels that they so prodigiously waste.

The only time I felt any kind of weakness was when we were walking uphill from the park…I could feel my calves kinda firing weirdly….they were begging from mercy from the food-less state.  Just two more days my friends…just two more days!! 🙂

Interestingly, when Sid came home he said that I was moving more energetically than usual.  I said ‘you know me best babe…so it must be true’.  I certainly feel a bit clear in the head maybe?!?

Final point of interest is the weight this morning: 161.3!!!!  (of course I’m sure it will all come charging back at the end of the fast but I wanted to note for prosperity lolz)


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