Writing while Trembling

Hit a new low weight today:  163.2!

A large part of that was due to some nasty food poisoning yesterday.  I ate some pasta sauce that had been sitting out for 5 hours.  I take the illness as the Lord’s discipline though because I had actually vowed earlier that I would fast for 4 days if we were able to miraculously recover some Day One (app) entries that had gone missing on my phone.  Well we found them and then I promptly started eating everything in sight, forgetting my vow and giving into the moment of stress relief.  Even Christmas chocolate I was saving for the kids was gobbled quickly.  A few minutes later I was SO sick and in the washroom for a good half hour sweating buckets, throwing up all over myself etc.(I will leave it to the imagination what the etc was)

I had recently heard a sermon that one of the ways you know you are the Lord’s disciple is that when you step off the path he swiftly helps you get back on the straight and narrow.  LOLZ 🙂  So at least now I know that I’m with the Lord.  He was not going to let me break my promise to him.  I take it on faith that it was correction from him and I am glad.  Also a bit scared to put another morsel in my mouth until Wednesday at 6 pm.  Lol.  We will see how this goes.  No doubt I will have to really rely on Him to see me through till then.

I had attempted a 5 day fast a few months ago but was finished by day 2.5.  I woke up so weak that I felt like I was going to faint.  Let’s hope for better this time around.

I know this all sounds kinda hocusy pocusy to those who are not believers….and even to believers that it might feel that I am reading way too much into circumstances.  I totally understand that but I just wanted to document this experience and my personal interpretation (that may very well be wrong?!) for prosperity.  It is interesting to me as I go through this journey trying to walk closer to God and I really want to have a record of events as I try to walk intimately with Him.

The scripture in James does say, “draw near to him and he will draw near to you”




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