The Cookie Monster

So I have eaten a total of 10 large chocolate cookies over the last few days but I weighed in at 165.2 (lowest yet for this go around in the weight loss game).  Of course I have been this weight since the beginning of the cookie filled days so obviously the cookies have caused a stall of sorts.

(btw – how GRATEFUL am I to have my digital scale back?  my parents came from Canada and brought it…I love it so much because it actually registers a difference on an on-going basis…partially because it weighs in pounds but also because it is just better quality and able to detect the subtle changes.

My mistake was making them in the first place but what do you do when you have a little girl who begs to make such thing?  Next time I need to have an exit strategy for those cookies set in stone.

My biggest challenge is keeping the spiritual fire going.


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