Another Update

Today’s number was even lower than I expected:  166.7

So how did I get here?  By pretty strictly adhering to no sugar (and I have had all kinds of sugar pass through the house), being careful to only eat when hungry (so there was some fasting), limiting my carbs (today there was a 1/2 cup of white rice and some bread crumbs on my fish), going to my exercise classes and LOTS of prayer.

To be honest, I think the latter is the most crucial for serious movement in the right direction.  Not that I mean God is supernaturally taking weight off my body necessarily (although I guess that is also possible) but I mean staying close to God keeps me honest and humble….two very important factors in dealing with my food addictions.  Being close to God means that I have the courage to face myself and not just avoid my emotions or run away from my troubles.  I am giving them to God instead and not using food as my escape.

I cannot really explain it to be honest.  Maybe I will try to do so in another post.

For now, all I know is that walking with God is the key to freedom.  Of course, to be clear, I’m not walking with God because I want weight loss.  That is just a very nice bonus.  Truth is, that I feel dead and stuck in my life despite having everything a heart could desire.  I really really want God…that is why I am walking with Him.  I am so tired of missing Him in this life.

No more of such foolish wanderings without God.


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