Oct 22, 2016 – weight update


See what happens when I don’t stay accountable for 2.5 months – 7 pounds added back on.  A few days ago, it was actually up to 172 lbs which is basically where I started so, yeah.

It is so frustrating going through the loop over and over again….but I am never giving up.  I think it helps that I stay accountable by writing my monthly/weekly weight just so I keep track of what is going on.  I think I can be a bit ostrich like when it comes to eating – pretending and being self-deceived that I’m really not having that much food/treats.  Health is the goal of course but weight is this proxy that gives me a reality check and keeps me honest.

I am going to give more updates at least weekly now until we can get things going on a downward trend.

My plan is just to choose health and consistency.  Try to workout (even a little a day) and keep the veggies front and centre as well as staying away from sugar.  This week was a downward trend because I was focusing on these things…then of course yesterday, I missed my workout and the next thing you know I am face deep in chocolate….lolz.

Everything seems to go hand in hand….the first big piece is reliance and daily walk with God.  I find this has to happen for me to make any kind of progress and have peace.

Second much smaller but still important thing is performing some small amount of exercise.

Then if I can stay away from sugar and do some creative writing….I’m golden.

(yes I know I sound like a broken record 🙂



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