August 1, 2016 Weight Update

Weight: 163.5

The number is the same boring one for the last 3 reports but this number actually is pretty encouraging.

  1.  Because I have not gained more!
  2. Because good things are taking shape…

Let me explain.  This past week has been pretty awesome.  I stayed off most starches and completely off all sugar for 6 days straight (what a miracle).  I also exercised every day.  And most exciting of all, I was encouraging others and getting support from them as well.  I just decided to cheer on friends at church that I knew were also trying to healthify their lifestyle and they in turn have been texting encouragement to me.  Also, a family member started a watsap group dedicated to healthy eating and invited me to join.  It has been amazing getting the support and having some place to get inspiration and complain a bit as needed.  I find talking about the bad choice also helps make it not a big deal instead of fuming about it in my own head and continuing to make bad choices.

(warning TMI ahead)

I am right in the middle of my menstrual cycle.  Recently, I have noticed a pattern that the week after my period is probably my best in terms of making good and rational choices for myself and the two weeks before my period, I kinda lose it.  So it is interesting to me that I started the downhill trend (unconciously of course yesterday) about 2 weeks before my next period.  I think so much of what I think are concious choices are actually hormonally driven.

Anyway, my hope is that beginning awareness of how weak I am during this period will hopefully help me to safegaurd even further.

I truly believe with this new support and new awareness, we will be looking at a loss for September.


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