July Weight Update

Better late than never right?

So things stayed pretty much the same…about 163.5 ish.  It has been a roller coaster of a month to be honest.  I’m actually really grateful that it has stayed relatively the same.  To have kept off those pesky 5 pounds that piled on last year is such a relief.

So what has been causing me to stagnate?  It is a mental battle.  When I stumble, I really sometimes just throw the towel in and just say forget it and start sneaking food and doing all sorts of crazy things.  I really wish I could stop having such a black and white thinking about the process….I have discussed earlier how I feel that for me moderation is not workable with sugar….so that is black and white isn’t it?  so how do I deal with the times that I am practicing eating well and I inevitably stumble…how do I be gentle with myself and just make the best decision in the next opportunity? instead of falling down a self-defeating rabbit hole of hiding out and bad feelings.  This is what I am trying to figure out.

One answer is social connection.  If I can talk to someone about it right away and just even TALK about the stress or situation that led to the ‘stumble’, I think that helps a lot.  I often don’t reach out because the craving monster hits strong and I’m actually not ready to stop quite yet.  BUT that is SO counterproductive and I keep going in circles and circles and cycles through the same happenings.  I need to learn to just connect and pick myself up ASAP.  This requires perseverance and charachter – 2 things I’m sorely lacking.

Weight loss is definitely going to have taught me that if nothing else.

(what I have written above is pretty crappy and vague and half-hearted ….but in the spirit of renouncing perfectionism…I’m publishing it)


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