may 1/2016 Weight Update

First the number:  162 lbs

I know right???  Amazing!! OMGoodness.  According to my very imprecise scale I have lost 5.5 pounds in one month.  In all my years of weightlossing, I have never had such a big loss to report…mainly because I have always tried to do things on a weekly basis before.  It really is so gratifying and encouraging to take this longer viewed approach.

Mind you, I did cheat throughout the month and snuck a few peaks at my weight when I just could not wait the seemingly endless days to that May 1st date.  I really wanted to know how things were going.  However, I kept coaching myself that all I was looking for was a 2 lb loss and I would be happy with that.  That kept me from kinda losing my mind when I saw 165.5 even a week and a half ago.  If I had been looking for a bigger loss by the end of the month, such a number would have really been discouraging.  So glad I have managed my expectations so that I can persevere through.

I guess this goes to show you how much losing weight is such a personal thing and you really need to get to know yourself to be successful.  I have learned/am learning how EASILY I can get discouraged and feel like I am going nowhere in weightloss.  This fact has seen me throw in the towel on SO many attempts at losing weight because I was looking for change over the course of a week and sometimes the scales just don’t move in such a short period of time.  Giving myself a month AND a very minimal goal, guarantees a victory, which I am learning, I really, really need to keep it together.  In a mere week you could have a stall or some bloating or a bad day and be thrown off your game.  A month is a long enough chunk to see the general trend, while still being short enough that you have a good idea of what is going on.  I like it!

So definitely I will only be reporting my weight again on June 1st….and I will continue to be looking for that 2 lb loss again!

Btw, do I think this is just 5 pounds and should be more?  Well you are talking to a woman who was expecting just 2 pounds lost and had only lost a measly 2 pounds for the month of March….so actually I am pretty CRAZY ECSTATIC about 5 lbs being lost for April.  Seriously, over the MOON.  If I take a moment to compare myself with other weight loss stories around the web then sure it seems like nothing…but you know what?  I just don’t care.  I have no desire to compare and I am just pleased as punch


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