One of those weeks?

It was a difficult week from start to finish I guess.  I ended it on Saturday night with a binge on (terrible, gluten free, saw dusty) chocolate chip cookies.  I probably had 8 big cookies.  Seems crazy when I write it down.

What were the events leading up to the downfall?

-Monday kinda started rough and then I had very carby meals for some self-soothing

-that kept going all week and since they were all ‘good’ carbs (except for Wednesday’s cupcake and hot chocolate…just realized that I had those by re-reading the blog…wow, am I ever self deceived!!)…I thought it would be okay

-then I was left alone with a tub of cookie dough on Saturday…and the rest is history

What have I learned?

-maybe others can self-soothe with food…but I need to find something else.  Someone with my history of lacking control over food should I guess.

-if I have a carby meal I should not precede that with more carby meals as eventually I will be faced with sugar and I just DON’t have the power of control when I am cruisin on carbs

Unfortunately, Sunday night was also a binge fest where I had 12 ‘fun’ size choco bars…probs the equivalent to 2-3 full size choco bars.  Yeah, so things are a bit out of control.

What is the plan?  I’m planning to just go very strict LCHF so that I can get off the crave cycle…argh!  Hopefully that will clear my head.


2 responses to “One of those weeks?

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  2. priyadevaliadotcom


    I find it interesting that all of your answers to the very profound question: “What were the events leading up to the downfall?” were very food-focussed.

    Do you think that maybe that whatever made it a “rough Monday” was actually the root cause?

    What do you think?


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