One of those days…

Just in case you thought it was all rosy since going LCHF…I have had SUCH a TOUGH week so far!!  I have just been feeling down and having trouble shaking it off.  Despite the off mood, I was able to keep the eating together (somewhat) for the past two days (somehow!) but today…I went a little bonkers.

I cannot really tell you exactly why either.  I mean I have been eating carbs but not so excessively…maybe it was because I had decided to implement the twice a week 24 hr fast suggested by Jason Fung (renowned nephrologist, based in Toronto, who recently released the book, “The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secret of Weight-loss”) and I scared myself unconsciously.  I mean fasting is pretty easy when you are eating strictly LCHF, but when you are throwing carbs in the mix…well, I was very hungry by 11:30 a.m and started nibbling on my kids’ breakfast (steak and grapes).

Anyway after that it was just anything goes.  I had lots of grapes, cheese, the kids’ lunch (tuna wraps that went under-received), chocolate cupcake (left over of my son’s) and coconut cream spiced hot chocolate, with lots of honey.  The latter is a weakness and one of the few sweet things in the house.  It is so wise not to have a lot of carby, binge-worthy stuff around for those days when I feel like today.  Even as I write it down, it does not look so bad and so I think it is more that old familiar feeling that I had of feeling ‘munchie’ and of control that was disconcerting for me.  I felt like if it wasn’t nailed down and carby, it was going down, baby!

Since 4:00, I have steered clear of food.  I did a quick 7 minute workout, had some time with God and then brushed my teeth.  It also really helped that my husband took over dinner prep and feeding time which is so stress relieving.  (single moms, how do you do it???!!?? all props to you for keeping your sanity)  Also got with our family group at church in the evening and it was just nice to be with adults talking about adult things.  There were delicious cookies and brownies there but I was barely tempted (go figure?!?)  I guess it helped that I de-stressed and even started this post before I got there.

It will always amaze me how doing some simple self-care things like workout (even 7 mins!), time with God, time away from my sweet charges and writing helps me SO SO much to combat food obsession.  I’m sure spending time with adults also helps.

Till next report, friends….



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