April 1/16 Weigh In

I missed posting my weigh in for April 1st.  Since nobody (literally) reads this blog, I was not called on it (phew!) but I think I should fulfill my weightloss bloggerly obligations and give you the number:  167.5 lbs

There are many ways to interpret this number.  Since March 1st that is ‘only’ a 2 pound loss.  It is my weight right after my period so it is really the lowest I will weigh in a month so darn shouldn’t it be lower?  That’s it after just beginning a lchf regime plus some intermitten fasting thrown in?  Goodness!

BUT…I’m honestly happy because I did have that meltdown half way through the month.  Usually after a meltdown the weight quickly just balloons up again to my original weight and gets stuck there for a while (or even goes up) while I kinda wallow in another weight loss failure.  I am so grateful that this time I have instead tried to take all the many stumbles (and tumbles down the stairs like scarfing a bag of cookies and all the chocolate Easter eggs I could get my hands on!!) in stride and just bumbled (very!) imperfectly along.

For example, even though I have not been sugar free for a good stretch yet (3 days is what I am looking for) by continuing to focus on making healthly meals, I have been eating relatively well in between the imperfect eating.  Usually, if I stub my toe I am one to throw myself down the stairs (analogically speaking of course) but I find it really helps if I keep preparing and having healthy food easily on hand, especially as I hate to waste food.  Even a can of sardines was a saviour one day when I was starving.  So glad I bought that easy protein and kept it in the cupboard. (Of course it was mixed with some rice and lentil stew so not perfectly paleo but see how I’m trying to let go of the perfectionistic thinking that has been my downfall in so many areas? )

So not perfect but good enough.  Good enough to have/maintain a 2 pound loss for the month.  I am grateful.






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