Following up on Crashing and Burning

2 posts ago, I described the big crash and burn that had occurred in my most recent attempt to change my diet.  It was somewhat epic despite me claiming that high fat, low carb was sorta REVOLUTIONARY because I stopped craving sweet stuff  (nothing else has ever helped me with that before).

So what happened?

In two words, ‘arrogance + curiousity’.  You see this new way of eating and how I feel about food through it is just so interesting to me…I have never not wanted sweet stuff or legitimately feel like there is no space for sweets after a meal…(I was all like…’those crazy thin people’ with their mutterings of being full…who can ever be too full for chocolate cake??) so I am definitely curious about what is triggering to me and what is not.  I even do thought experiments with myself like, ‘hey what if there is a chocolate bar before me…would I eat it?”  And honestly I can say ‘no’ (!!) after being a person who sneaked out of the house in snow storms after everyone was asleep to get a sugar fix!!  I lived for the moment I could get that pecan square/butter tart etc. in my grubby little hands.

So this experience of peace and calmness and ‘take it or leave it’ feel about food is just so NEAT and COOL and AMAZING!!!!!   And I want to understand the boundaries and parameters of it (people I am not only a writer but a scientist as well…lolz)  This led to me eating that fateful tortilla and the rest is history.  I am asking myself why the tortilla and I guess I was just wanting to make my meal a bit more interesting (rather than just fried eggs again) and remembering a good food experience with tortillas and eggs.

Susan Pierce Thompson of Bright Line Eating fame (google it :), claims to have found freedom from food addiction first when she adhered to 12 step group “food addicts anonymous'” food plan, which stated that you could never ever have sugar or flour (among other things).  Thompson, a professor on eating psychology, says there is uniquely addicting properties with these specific refined foods and any successful plan to ‘food freedom’ must completely eliminate them.

From this scientist’s meagre and decidedly unscientific experimentation, I would have to agree.

Paleo/hflc (high fat/low carb) also advocate staying away from these foods.  Since so many of the dietary regimes that I am gaining inspiration from and agree with, unanimously oppose the devilish combo of sugar and flour it seems a no-brainer to avoid those bad boys.

That is where my arrogance  comes into play.  When I’m cruising along munching my fat, not particularly hungry, not particularly craving anything, I kinda feel invincible and  self-righteous, to my shame, as I watch the unwashed masses gobble less virtous food items (I know, I know….I’m horrible…can you imagine if I ever actually lost some significant weight?  No wonder the Lord has not allowed it to this point…)

…and I get all cocky….and  tortillas and cookies get eaten because I’m amazing at willpower all of sudden, apparently…and then (womp, womp) GAME OVER.

So it turns out weight loss, like everything else in life it seems, requires a healthy dose of humility.  Pray for me…:)






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