So this morning I did a 7 min workout.

There were complaints (from my 2 yr old son) that he didn’t want me to work out.  He whined almost the entire time, he complained of a stomach ache, he had a pooh….any one of these things would have made me stop other times while attempting to work out.  …but this time? I just kept telling myself it is just 7 minutes and then I can attend to him.  Maybe eventually he will get used to it? lol

There were voices in my head that said that there were a million other things that I needed to start doing…others that said that what I am doing will make no difference, after all what can 7 mins do?…that this effort I’m making to exercise consistently will peter out like EVERY OTHER TIME…

There was a phone call from overseas that normally I would stop everything to pick up…but I didn’t.

I decided to focus and get the job done.  And I did.

I have written before how I make my children an excuse for not getting things done.  I look enviously at working women or single women who have ‘all this time’ for themselves.  How silly I am!!  I was literally that single woman for so many years and rarely took the steps to dramatically change my life as I wanted to.  There is zero point in envying others’ situation and life.  The best thing I can do is focus on the advantages and positives in my life and work with that.  I am sure the working single woman looks at my life and envies that my husband supports me financially so I have ‘all this time’ for myself…lolz!




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