3 week report

So on Friday morning, the verdict was – no change (e.g. still at 167.5).  Although to be honest the day before (wednesday) it seemed I was at 165ish.  Big challenge is my kilogram scale…it makes weight loss seem even more discouragingly slow.  Maybe I need to

I also experimented a little with a partial wheat wrap on Wednesday morning.  Which led to trying some honey in a coconut milk hot chocolate that afternoon.  Which led to carbs at every meal on Thursday…which led to dessert on Friday and a total blowout (e.g. scarfing secret chocolate and cookies on Saturday and eating without limits at a Sunday bbq)

Okay so how do I reconcile this with my post last week where I was going on and on about having no cravings?

I have an explanation.  Will let you know next week.


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