March Hopes

Hi friends.   It is a new month and of course as any good dieter/weight loss warrior knows, it is time to weigh in and make resolutions and what not.  lol

Seriously, I went on a trip recently (not recreational, to see family).  It was stressful and I put on several extra pounds and came home determined to be the best me I can possibly be.  That may or may not mean pounds lost but certainly as I get older that becomes less important.

At 5’2.5, a few weeks ago, I weighed in at 175 lbs.  My highest weight to date.  Recently (on another scale at home), I weighed in at 169.5 lbs.  What is behind my recent decline (besides the change in scales which I shouldn’t discount but I am lolz):

  1.  Major pain:  I have (self-diagnosed, of course) plantar fasciitis in my right foot.  (for those not familiar it is an inflammation of a foot tendon which can leave you hobbling).  I have read that losing weight and lowering inflammation (sugar is a major culprit) in the body can help mitigate symptoms.  BOY is pain EVER MOTIVATING!!  I had a whole box of shortbread cookies and then a whole box of ferro roche chocolates the next day and was experiencing this excruciating, making me hobble and never want to get up pain….and thought no way.  I am not even 40 yet.  My kids are tiny.  I have to be able to move without pain and walk (which I LOVE to do)….I have been avoiding sugar pretty strictly for the last week…and my symptoms have certainly settled.  Not sure if it is the sugar but I don’t care….s
  2. For some reason, it has really been on my mind that dragging around an extra 60 odd pounds can’t be a good thing.  Can you imagine I have never felt what it is like as an adult to not have excess weight?  At the airport my huge suitcases weighed only 50 pounds and they were so difficult to maneuver.  What would it feel like to move around a body that is 60 pounds less?  Such a mystery
  3. Finally, I have been experimenting with a paeloish diet combined with ‘bright line eating’ (Susan Pierce Thompson)…basically just eating mostly nutrient dense foods like veggies and meats with a little carbs thrown in…trying to just eat 3 meals a day and no seconds or snacks or nibbling.
  4. Husband has been fabulous with giving me time at the gym so I’ve been getting some short workouts in which have been great for my mental stability
  5. Have been trying to go on some short walks with the kids. Less able because of my plantar fasciitis…but trying.

Hope to keep the momentum going and keep just making good decisions for today!



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