My most dangerous self

My most dangerous self is the person God designed me to be.  I would be dangerous in the sense that

-I would expect more from myself …which would lead to expecting more from others

-I would be going after my dreams, living out my purpose and of course that is bound to ruffle some feathers because real dreams are never safe

-I would inadvertently threaten those who continue to live out their lives in quiete desperation

-I would be taking risks, calculated, but they would still be risks

I originally thought of this post title in very simplistic terms…literally that  if I lost weight then I would be my most dangerous self.  I kinda cringe now at how shallow my thinking was regarding my body and life.   Did I really think that women being threatened by my ‘beauty’ was the pinnacle of ‘dangerousness’?  So silly.

Today, I understand that losing weight would just be a by product of a growth, a maturing into my most dangerous self….and the losing weight part is not even inevitable.  But I do want the attitude/heart growth.

(people the craziness above is what happens when I write late at night – sorry in advance lolz)


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