You may not believe this but more than once, real life friends, who occasionally read this blog, have told me that they find my writing inspiring..  (other words have also been used but let’s stick to this one since I find it so mind boggling)

Huh?  what is inspiring about an overweight (and getting more overweight has been the sad trend around here) person rambling into the interwebs about her very developedworldesque problems (oh no I’m fat, oh no I have so little time for myself)?

I should ask next time what it is they find inspiring but for now I’m guessing that it is simply their humanity responding to my humanity.  What I mean is that I think our gut always recognizes, craves, is drawn to, and honours honesty.  There is too much that is unreal in our world and when we see even a crack of another’s real heart, it is inspiring in the sense that we can be a little more accepting or kind to ourselves.

I don’t know if that made sense but I do hope I will always be honest.  That is the point of this blog for me anyway.  And that is what I like best about it as I read past entries.  I love whatever glimpses of honesty I see there…and it inspires me to be more honest going forward.  Maybe I have not been that way lately and I would like to return to more honest posts.  Also coz they are the most fun and therapeutic to write.


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