TMF- 170.2

Well, well, well…the Sanj actually shows up on the 18th with a post as I had promised.  Didn’t expect that did you?  (neither did I, hahal!)

Anywho, a whole lot of mental anguish and analysis paralysis later, here we are at basically the same weight as last week.  I consider this a victory because I was really not focused on my four pillars which make up my sanity routine outlined previously.  A run down on each is below;

1.Time with God?  I did try some days but honestly, it has been so DRY spiritually.  And as one preacher memorably explained, “If your relationship with God is boring, remember there are only two people in that relationship…and God ain’t/can’t be boring!!”  So yeah…I need to dig deeper here to connect.

2. Workouts?   There was a lot of low level movement with the kids as we were out and about in beautiful weather.  Little mini hikes with the nature program my daughter is involved in, etc.  BUT that focused time at the gym did not happen as I hoped.  I guess hoping it will happen is just not good enough.  Surprise (sarcasm dripping…)

3.Creative Expression?  Not really.  My excuse is that my Ipad keyboard is busted but that is just an excuse.  Didn’t make the time, just internet surfin’ and letting life pass me by.

4.Sugar free?  Candy bars (notice the plural), donoughts (notice the plural), and other desirables (notice the plural!!!!) were consumed in almost utter abandonment on more than one day.  That is all I can bear to say on the never-forgetting internet.

So you see why I am happy we are at the same place weight wise?  There was really no fighting this week, just whining and giving in.

However, I will give myself a star for eating relatively well around the binges, which I believe helped me at least maintain.  A small victory as I am such a black and white thinker.  “Oh I stubbed my toe (e.g. ate too much pasta for lunch?)? Might as well throw myself down the stairs (e.g. into a pool of chocolate)”

It is a game of inches…and this girl needs every inch she can get.


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