TMF – 169.6

I was doing a lot of things right and could not seem to break down out of the 170s….then last night just had a carb fest where I ate as much yummy pasta as I wanted WITH potato salad…and low and behold this morning: out of the 170s (however briefly)….Go figure!

I kinda feel like I never want to see the 170s again.  I think the best way to achieve that is to not step on the scale this week and just put my heart into the right stuff (channelling new kids on the block for a moment there…are you with me?) for the next week.  Difficult to do but I think it is the healthiest. (coz then I won’t play this game of seeing what I can ‘get away with’ argh!) Shall I make a pledge to not step on the scale again until July 18th?? Will report back on that date.

You might be wondering what the right stuff is….well, a while back my mentor and wise mommy friend told me to figure out what my absolute bottom line basic needs were to stay sane in the face of mommying two little children (especially when mommying is NOT your strength!)….it took me almost one year and a half of tweaking but I think it is this:

a)  spending some quality ALONE quiete time with God

b) vigorous exercise for at least 20 mins

c) creative expression/alone time (very specifically writing on this blog is SUCH a release for me that it is kinda embarrassing to admit considering that everything here amount to a whole lot of (mostly) navel gazing…but really it helps me so much!!)

d) No sugar (the less grains too the better but at least if I can stay away from the outright, blatant stuff like choco bars and pastries it is pretty helpful)

In my busy season with my small ones, you can imagine the first 3 are difficult.  But I must confess to late night blog reading surfing that I found if I put aside I could wake up to have enough time to do the first three….and if I can do those three, number four becomes much less difficult…because I feel centered and I feel reminded of my ultimate purpose and daily purposes through the first three practices.

I need to work these four like my life depends on it…(it kinda does)….wish me luck!


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