I’m Depressed BUT…

…surprisingly have not turned to food yet.  Usually food is all I can think of and then later after I am surrounded by crumpled empty bakery bags, I feel calmer and saner.

There is no plan except to fight.  To earn a fighting spirit somehow.  Everytime I think about my weight, I quite literally do some jumping jacks.  I know it is silly but it is just a reminder to me that I am learning to fight…tooth and nail, whatever it takes.

AND maybe this was not the case earlier, but it is clearly so for me now.  I am not necessarily motivated so much specifically about weight loss but character.  I want change somewhere somehow and I am picking this beast for a number of reasons.  It is my path of growth quite simply.

I am going to crawl on my elbows through this thing and I am going to arrive on the other side triumphant.


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