Reasons Motherhood is Stressful

‘Coz I am a raging, raving Perfectionist!!

Exhibit A for your consideration:

I had some letters to mail (thank you letters from the family for some people hosting us and gifts given to the kids).  It has been stressing me for a while because the kind gestures are from last October!! and still nothing has been sent out.  Today I had some time to mail it and I hesitated because I wanted my daughter to be involved and draw a picture to say thank you from her (it is so important for me that she learns about gratitude and thanking people from a young age) and also wanted to take her to the post office so she could see the goings on of a post office (you know, learn about adult interactions and the post office by practical life experience).  It was especially salient to me today because I noticed her watching a bubble guppies show today talking exactly about the post office and I thought how cool would it be if I could take her to actually experience it first hand.  Anyway, I realized that it was  better to just get this niggling to do DONE and over rather than try to wait until the stars align and I have all the post stuff, her and in the right location for her to have this experience.  She is only three….she will have plenty of opportunities to draw thank you cards for people and see the post card.

(I know this is elementary reasoning for the sane population but for me the analysis paralysis perfectionist this was a mini breakthrough thought and action (e.g. to just mail them and get it done rather than waiting to do it all with her)

….and that is why I am constantly stressed and my husband thinks I’m nuts for it…I try to do everything perfectly and according to this vision I have and constantly get stuck(and of course he is right 😉


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