After the storm

For the record, the current weight is 168.2.  Which is pretty awesome considering how derailed I have been recently.

Today was my first clean day in awhile.  I am so grateful.  Was tempted when the hubby came home to rush downstairs and get a pecan square BUT  I told myself I don’t really want that….I want to be FREEEEEE.  Free of being a slave….and when did that pecan square ever save me or help me?  just temporary mind turn off holding pattern…that is it….I just come back to same stress and more problems….because now I’m craving more, husband is discouraged, I am unreliable to myself, I have more weight to deal with.  More problems because I eat….gotta find other ways to escape.

Here I am writing….don’t want to be so arrogant to say that I have avoided the binge since I have been known to run off in the middle of the night when the family is sleeping to the Rabbas to get junk to inhale.  But since I ate carb free for the most part today, I feel pretty good about my chances.  Wish me luck


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