TMF – 169

I came here to talk about weight.  I wanted to write down the current almost all-time high.  I got here with lots of stress (mom of little people – enough said, at least for me haha) and lots of angst over restricting food (as in I tried to get serious about restricting and ended up in more crazy eating).  Recently I dove a bit into the fat acceptance blog world and it was interesting and eye opening….especially regarding how restricting foods can cause us to overcompensate and overeat.  I had a few days in there where I allowed myself to eat anything at all I wanted.  Sure one night I ate 8 cookies but I did leave cookies uneaten which for me is a HUGE change.  Also I went to my parents and when craving chocolate and finding none did not scarf the other sweets I did find which is also super unusual.

Interestingly, one of the ladies that I was reading around how not to pass on sweet issues to your kids (Ellyn Satter), talks about being a competent eater in her book that I am dying to get (Secrets to Feeding a Healthy Family (I think that is the title).  Basically it starts with permission, giving yourself full permission to eat however much you want of whatever but just make sure it is within structured meal times…although there is some flexibility for honoring your hunger.  Exactly how you are supposed to feed your kid.

This is all very interesting especially as I re read some of my old posts about intuitive eating ….hmm…I had come to these same conclusions before and yet here I am re learning the same old lessons through painful trial and error.  At least this is one good thing about having a blog…you can see clearly how you 30 are running around in circles….hahaha

So the situation is complicated and I am not sure where I am going with all of this but my husband want to do a Whole 30 (RESTRICTIVE DIET) for the month of March together.  He wants to focus on his health and I want to support despite my inner misgivings  and what I have learned above.  I am hoping myself that it is only 30 days and I can then eat as I want afterwards will be enough to quell the overcompensating eating monster.

(I guess maybe I am fooling myself….)….will report back hopefully at some point.


2 responses to “TMF – 169

  1. Sanj, I totally hear you about this eating dynamic! I have struggled with emotional eating for a countless number of years, eating out of boredom and dissatisfaction and feelings of powerlessness. Thanks for opening up the discussion! Let us know how your 30 days of a restrictive diet works. Do you think that restrictive vs. permissive diets are simply like match-making? … as in, you just simply have to choose which one works best with your psychological and physical make up.

    • Well apparently the research strongly and uniformly suggests that restricted eating (as opposed to intuitive, internal based eating) is bad news for everyone. Just DON’t do it.

      Alot of people (myself included) are afraid of intuitive eating because we think if we gave ourselves permission to eat anything and everything that we would never stop. What little experience I have with it, tells me this is not true (as well as research and the experts)…and intuitively (haha) I believe this is the only sane way forward.

      Now if we could all just stop believing the worst of ourselves and others.

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