The Importance of Creating

As I get older, I think I’m really starting to buy into this whole creativity thing.  Maybe because as I get older, I have less time for it and thus it gets more precious?  Not sure.

I noticed that I felt a whole lot calmer and more productive last week after getting some time to write and (time off) as well. I recently learned that my Meyers-Briggs personality of ENFP is actually the ‘most creative’ of all the personality types.  Who knew?  I guess that is one thing institutional school has done to me – cut me off from my creative side (there is scads of research which shows that schools negatively reinforce the very things that are indicative of creativity in children….but you didn’t need the research to tell you that did you? haha)

Maybe because I was blessed with a higher than average IQ, I was able to still navigate the treacheries of schooling relatively successfully (from a purely face value perspective) but I know there was damage and it is deep.

Part of the damage that I am seeing is definitely the stunted creativity.  During my years in school, I would never dreamed of referring to myself as creative.  Now I am a bit more comfortable with that label…and even further have progressed to realize a little more the creative genius in all of us.  It is there…in one shape or another in ALL of us.  

To this day it astounds me what people of every type come up with when given the time and space…and maybe even more interestingly without those things…if you know what I mean.

I used to think of creating as very specifically visual art, where there was paint and an old white shirt involved….talk about boxed in….Now I see it in the turn of a phrase, even a glance my way as a thought strikes my friend.  

…and certainly I realize I have grossly undervalued it in my own life.  For now, I guess I will just be content with these blog posts every Wednesday.  It is too overwhelming to think of more right now….:) (I know, I know…if you only had a dollar for every time I use the word overwhelming….;)


2 responses to “The Importance of Creating

  1. Hey, I feel “overwhelmed” when I think of how blessed I am to know someone as creative and smart as you are, Sanj!! 🙂

    I particularly loved this post, especially where you say: “I would never dreamed of referring to myself as creative. Now I am a bit more comfortable with that label…”

    I have had to make peace with that journey – but, even then it’s difficult because of the damage that is deep which you described, from being in the school system!

    Often times, I feel like because I am not prodigiously creative (as in having people pay top dollar for my creations or, have lavish amounts of praise heaped on them by industry leaders)…that I don’t deserve the label: Creative Person.

    What say you, O Sanj?? :p

    • I think creativity is just an inherent quality of humanity…in other words we are all remarkably (and I am not exaggerating) creative. Period.

      I think there is confusion about this for a number of reasons including the extremely limited way that we view creativity (as I alluded to above in the blog) Creativity is one of the hallmarks of humanity…thus, my ever-increasing abhorrence of school (one of the government sanctioned, socially acceptable) creativity killers (e.g. humanity killing institution) Priya, you (and I) don’t need anyone to deem us worthy of the label ‘creative’. Claim it and roar my friend!

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