Time is the Ultimate Luxury

Maybe the older you get the more you realize this truth about time…that it is limited and oh so precious.  I know when I was young, time seemed to go on forever and I never thought of it as a treasure or the riches that I am beginning to realize it is today.  In fact, time almost stands still when you are young.  Having so little autonomy because parents decided most things meant you were not really so invested in your moments or days.  I know many children just want time to go by quickly so that they can be grown up and then have things ‘their way’.

I think I have squandered YEARS of my life without any consideration to how incredibly valuable time is…I have wished my life to fast forward till I was married or had kids…I have wished for school to be just done…

(I feel like I am just not expressing what I want to here….and we are going to come down to some hokey cliche about how precious every moment is…argh!)

We people spend much too much time being out of the moment, hating or disliking our moments….working long hours at jobs we don’t enjoy, or can’t find a way to enjoy.  How horrible!  It is telling that saying to someone ‘if they only had a month left to live’ should make for such drastic changes in choices about how to spend that time.  

Time to rest, time to play, time to create, time to connect/give in relationships and our community as a whole.  These are the true luxuries in life.  How foolish we are to trade these things for ‘tin luxuries’ like a cool watch or fancy car….(we trade like this when we work ourselves to death to earn money to ‘afford’ these material luxuries)

A sweet friend offered to take my little girl to the park so that I could have a few hours to myself this morning.  I thought a lot about what I would do with these moments.  It seemed like *such* a luxury to have some daytime hours all to myself.   Thus the ruminations on time being the ultimate luxury…I know as a single person I SO took it for granted the hours I had to myself….never planning or scheming like I have for these 2 hours.  

But you know what?  In a few years, I will look back at these (what seems like) endless days of distractions and ‘drudgery’ of having a small child and realize how precious these moments with her were…..because they really were/are the sweetest days of my life (having an adorable, cuddly person love and need you all the time, who gives the best hugs in the world…who smiles at you whenever she sees you)

THus, maybe that is the secret to a life well-lived – to take no moment for granted.


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