I wanted to write

…so I am writing.

A friend of mine who is a singer said she once heard Dolly Parton in concert and thought, “Dolly, has just done everything I ever wanted to do as an artist and musician up on that stage tonight”…I gathered from our conversation that my friend  left the experience with much less drive to continue her art.  Very strange to me at the time as she was an alternative rock singer/guitarist…how could good ole’ DP, queen of country, have stolen her thunder?  I didn’t get it then but now as a somewhat struggling artist myself (btw my art is the writing on this blog…haha), I kinda do.

Granted no one is ever going to write exactly as I do or from my precise perspective, but sometimes I read  other people’s work (especially blogs) and it just makes me feel deflated and uninspired – they are doing better what exactly I want to do.  I am so behind them in fact that I can’t even tell you what it is exactly they are doing with their writing that hits me between the eyes like that – all I know is that it is there.  Actually, maybe more than anything else – honesty.  They are so aware of themselves and so honest.  Without the canned phrases and tired cliches.  Without vagueness or meandering.  Without fear most of all.  I want to write like that….


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