According to the online course, I’m supposed to get a accountability partner while tackling this food idolization issue in my life.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, every self respecting life change program from the 12 steps to Dr. Bernstein (hmm…even not so self-respecting ones…;) to Tony Robinson will tell you need some form of objective go-to person to help you in the journey.  Why? Quite simply, ’cause it works.

Well, accountability is explicitly and implicitly a biblical concept. Explicit in that there are specific ‘one another’ passages which speak about confessing sins to each other, praying for one another, helping someone stay out of sin, receiving and accepting advice from others…etc.  BUT taken as a whole these and other scriptures implicitly encourage us to that which is accountability in its purest and most unadulterated form:  community.  We humans were meant and need to be in strong community where love has built bonds that are strong enough to endure the inevitable reverberations of people working out their issues in the light, grace and oversight of others.   (honestly if I was ever asked what could solve every problem of the human race, my answer would simply be love (for God is love (1st John)  <—- how is that for canned, cliche and hokey?  doesn’t mean it isn’t true)

Okay, narrowing back to the Sanji’s problems…(first the Sanj, then the world! haha…after all Ghandi gee did say to be the change you want to see in the world)…Unfortunately, I don’t live in the proverbial straw hut village of my dreams so connecting and being open and vulnerable is somewhat harder in our isolated society…especially that of the Stay at home mom world…I guess people could suggest that the www is the new ‘village’ but honestly?  I talk a good game, what is known about me out there is only what I conciously chose to be known through my words… there is no better way to truly get to know someone then to actually live with them on a day to day basis.

So considering the busyness (and isolation) of our modern world, I am left with the hubster and my little one as possible accountability partners.  (Baby is young but once she reaches 5 yrs old…all best are off…haha!) So yeah…not surprisingly the hubster who experiences the Sanj on a day to day basis (courageous fellow, no?) gets to be my accountability partner.

It is a struggle because of a variety of reasons (my history with being overweight, my pride,  food deprivation bcklash) I don’t want someone noticing and commenting or advising around what I eat.  But I am learning that I do need help and it is up to me to seek it and be vulnerable enough to share exactly how he can help.  I have told him that saying anything WHILE I eat is totally off limits for me because it just spurs this rebellious attitude in my heart.  For now, I have asked for him to pray for me and also to pray with me regularly.  Thankfully he is supportive and trying his best to be my partner in this challenge .


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