Whispers from the Spiritual Wasteland AKA my heart

Hi folks…as this blog has meandered, ebbed and flowed along I have decided a concrete direction for a bit.  Basically I am going to turn 17 years old (spiritually speaking on December 10 so for the next 60 days or so (or just past that day)…I am going to share a scripture or thought on my path back to God.  I want to turn 17 with a little bit of gusto and gumption…not just a hrumph…ya know what I mean?

Why this, why now?  Cause I frankly don’t think anything else is even close to as important as igniting a passion for and conciousness of GOD.

How about the food/weight stuff?  Well I am kinda going to attack both with one blow in a sense.  I feel that food is one of the major idols in my life that is blinding me to the presence of God so I am going through this free online course called “The Lord’s Table” (www.settingcaptivesfree.com) which helps one focus back on God’s glory as opposed to food through sixty (how convenient, right?) days of lessons.  I have gone through the program already (I had alluded in an earlier TMF that I was going to discuss a new program I was on to help with eating..this was it!) and feel that I have still much to learn so I am going through it again.  I highly recommend the site for any person who is struggling with addictions (they have specific courses for help with addictions for everything from cutting oneself to porn to alcohol)  The basic premise is that things we are addicted to have taken God’s rightful place in our heart.  Once we focus and give God the priority, these other things lose their hold.  Pretty amazing huh?

Since I have been through the course already I know that I CAN EAT ANYTHING as long as I am hungry and stop when I am full….(sound familiar?)  Yup! intuitive eating…that’s right….God designed our bodies perfectly to have hunger and satiation cues that we can listen to and obey and come to the appropriate weight.  So basically everything I have recently been looking into with regards to eating and food dovetails perfectly with this new spiritual perspective. Don’t you love it when all roads lead to Rome like that?  Just makes me so much more confident that this is the right path for me (e.g. intuitive eating, trusting God and his design)


Finally after much thought I am going back to the blogging fast just because I’m nursing and can’t do the food fasts recommended for spiritual reasons throughout the course.  I am frankly really afraid of this one as I have already announced and failed on this bad boy on this blog and in real life a couple of times.  I am hopeful that now I understand better the spiritual aspects of fasting (did some reading about this), I will be able to stick with this aspect of the next sixty days.



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