TMF – On eating intuitively

(I consider this to be Part II of September 21/12’s TMF post, so please read that post if you don’t know what i am talking about)

So now that we have established that restriction of food does not work and that I need to figure out and listen to my body’s wonderfully designed internal regulation and be happy with whatever weight such regulation lands me at….some questions come to mind…

1.  What if the internal regulation is broken beyond repair since I have not listened to it in like forever?

I am trusting God and the body he made that if I respect His design that in due course things will be clearer regarding hearing the messages of my body.  I trust that my body wants to heal and be whole and healthy.

Trust is the key word here.  I am building my trust in God and myself.  Trusting that my body works, trusting that if I am kind to myself, that I will not betray or take advantage of myself.  I am building faith and trust with my body that I will not mistreat it or punish it or starve it and thus hopefully it will stop craving and acting in desperation.

2.  What if I feel like eating sugar all the time?

This is definitely a problem I don’t necessarily have an answer to.  I wonder if the cravings for sugar will subside as I keep on letting my body have permission to indulge until satiation?

The book I mentioned yesterday noted that as a parent I need to make 3 square and SATISFYING (tasty and fatty) meals for my child as well as 2 snacks.  Children don’t have the option of sneaking off and getting satisfaction elsewhere in the form of chips or cookies like I often have.  They are stuck with whatever we choose to give them, no matter how bland and boring (presumably in the name of health)…but that that is not really fair to them.  Eating should be an inherently pleasurable and satisfying activity and giving children food that is good and tasty will help them learn this fact….and thus be able to clearly heed the signals their body is giving them.  She mentioned how children who are good eaters will sop in the middle of their ice cream cone.  They have satisfying meals and can trust for more of the same in the future.  Body fulfilled and content…no cravings for more.

Can I get to such a healthy place with my cravings?  Take yesterday as an example.  It was nearing lunchtime, I was beginning to feel hungry and saw my favourite donought shop.  I passed by quickly in the usual deprivation mode but then I thought, hey I can have whatever I want if I am hungry right?  So in I went and ended up getting 2 donoughts, a cookie and a little streudel pastry.  (just got whatever my heart desired…which is quite a bit)  My daughter was still up and I wanted to have a healthy lunch with her …and I did.  And then I felt full.  So I waited about 1.5 hours and then inhaled my cache of treats during my afternoon ‘break’ (her nap…:)  Maybe the first treat was enough to meet my need but I gave into habit and temptation and the fact that I had bought four and had them all.  Not so good….but I am learning (I hope…)

First, I should heed the author’s advice for teaching children how to eat intuitively by also having 3 satisfying square meals and 2 yummy snacks.  How many years have I been so haphazard about my eating?  Not having breakfast, eating dinner late….etc.  I believe this disrespect and neglect of myself has set me up for failure in eating by heeding my internal regulation.

I am going to do some reading about this and get back to you on this one.  To be continued.


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