The Morris Files – Aug 22/12 – 153.2

Just thought it was high time for an update on Morris! (For those of you who have come late to the party…Morris is my nickname for my stomach and thus the posts where I talk about my battle of the bulge I note as “The Morris Files (TMF)”) (Yes, I know I’m wierd!! that’s what makes me so fun!! ūüėČ

153.2???? ¬†People that is the lowest weight I have seen on a scale in YEARS!!!!! ¬†It feels less monumental then it is perhaps because I came by it with so much less drama then I am used to having around weightloss. ¬†I mean I keep fluctuating on the scale between this low point and 155 for the last 2.5 months…but things are ever so slightly innnncccchhhhing downward – and that is good. ¬†There has been no hardcore new diet or exercising…just livin’ life and making positive choices AND this online course I’m doing about a spiritual perspective on getting healthy. ¬†I will have to get into it next TMF.

Today I thought I would share about the principle of substitution that I have been learning from the course and applying with good results these last few days. ¬†It is simply doing a few exercises (e.g. 2 pushups….girl pushups of course…;) when the thought of getting something to eat comes to mind. ¬†This is helpful for many reasons;

1.  Provides a distraction and gives me something to do when I am tempted to go trolling in the cupboards and fridge

2.  Reminds me how hard working out is and that I would rather not gain more that I have to work off in such difficult fashion

3.  Affirms that life and health giving choices are who I am today.  Pushing out that pushup reminds me again who it is I want to be.

4. ¬†Gives me a slight positive feeling of productivity and boost that I did some exercise (however small) which is self perpetuating and makes me less likely to make negative health choices. ¬†MUCH better than eating cookies and then feeling down and guilty which of course leads to more cookie temptations and ultimately eating. ¬†The latter is also a self perpetuating – unfortunately it spirals downward. ¬†I like the former better, don’t you?

This jedi weightloss trick helped me to return from a visit to my parents’ place actually having lost a pound! ¬†What an accomplishment in the land o milk and honey that is my parents’ place! ¬†They have an abundance of good tasting food and ¬†there is free child care so I kinda usually go on vacation mode when I am there and just start eating mindlessly (all delicious fattening things of course)….not a bad thing except they live nearby and these vacations are frequent (every week pretty much) so you see how this stalls weightloss.

Anyway…I am grateful to be at this place and look forward to what lies ahead.


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