Beginnings of the Fast

So it has been a few days now on this fasting of all other reading (with certain exceptions like my email and child related stuff) except the Bible.  How is it going?

It is the very early stages yet and I have already failed in that I had a library book (re fashion for the curious) here from before I set this fast and ended up reading some of it yesterday – quite by accident.  I had forgotten about my pledge.   Also last night after baby was sleeping I was dying to open up one of the blogs I frequent and check out the scoop. I mean I kinda feel almost like these people are family!  Keeping up with their story is my entertainment and what I love to do in my down time.  What stopped me from giving in?  Two things;  one that I would have to report back here that I had cheated already (yay for accountability keeping me in check) and two that I really want to make a real and serious change.  I am SO tired of the merry go round of my life…always the same old same old….Sanj gave in again to her temptations and nothing is changing in her life.  I am seriously searching for God this time and I want to give this fast a chance…for reals people!

My major insight so far is that I was right that my reading and blogging is a major distractor and detractor from my life.  Last night for example instead of blogging I was forced to think of something else to do…and I decided to answer all my waiting emails and texts on my phone.  People always complain how hard it is to get a hold of me….well now you know why….I’m too busy with my head in the ground reading and disengaging from my world to check my phone or emails etc.  Now I’m curious…will people actually notice a difference?  I wonder…will let you know if I hear something.


Another thing I’ve noticed is I am more productive….look at me I have already written a few blog posts in the last few days when usually it is more like 1 a week if I am lucky.  Writing more is definitely a goal of mine and it is pretty fun/awesome to see how easy it is to fit in when I’m not constantly aimlessly surfing the net to get my next self-improvement or entertainment fix (who knew?  (sarcasam intended!))

Finally, how is my relationship with God?  Because ultimately that is why I am doing this….Well, I think that it is much too soon to tell but I feel very encouraged that He is helping me down this path and I am excited about our future.  I will just continue praying that He will show himself to me.  If you do pray, please do pray for me and this fast that I might get closer to God through this time.


Overall, I would say I am feeling very excited and positive after making this decision.  I know it is going to be difficult to stick with but I am glad that I have finally taken a step closer to Him.


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