Man or a Muffin?

Folks I wanted to take a break from all this deep stuff to relate to you an insightful and funny perspective on dating I learned from an older gentleman at my church, “George.”

George was converted to faith while in his late thirties and got married for the first time when he was pushing 50 from the other side.  He had a successful career as a commercial photographer so he was around a wide range of eclectic people and places.  Suffice it to say that he had ‘done’ life…(twice over!)  He told me that any time I consider a guy the all-important question is, “Is this guy a man or a muffin?”

(this made me burst out laughing of course – I had no idea what he was talking about but it sounded hilarious and he has a charming little French accent and an eccentricity about him that just added to the joy!! 🙂

Despite my giggles, George went on to explain that this was an all-important difference that I cannot (as a single woman) afford to miss.  A man was someone with integrity and character…a muffin?  puffed up and perhaps looking very delicious but the sweetness would just end up costing you….

He went on to explain that a man would make things happen when it came to his life and especially his romantic life.  If a man likes a woman he would not play around or lead her on…He would bravely state his intentions and his actions would match his words.  George set himself as an example, noting that when he met his future wife he actually closed up his 20 year well-established business and moved across the country to pursue and wed her.  His intentions and actions  were clear and of course his lady love succumbed to his boldness and they are happily married to this day…:)

After speaking with him, I realized that often I was enamoured with ‘muffins’…real ‘men’ seemed boring to me at times….It helped to ask myself that question of the men I was considering….did this guy have man chops or muffin tops??? (hahaha…just made that up…this phrase just keeps on giving…:)

Anyway, if you are a single woman or single man…you should ask yourself that question….is he or she a (wo)man or a muffin?  And you should ask that of yourself toooooo…..



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