Breaking Free From Normal

It struck me in my last post how I noted that being overweight was ‘normal’ for me.  Not only for me but according to  obesity pundits it is the norm in our western society.  Therefore if I follow the average diet or actions of those around me I will maintain being overweight.  Take the average restaurant meal – the hubster and I just share one entree (no app or dessert) and we have NEVER experienced an instance where it was not enough food.  It  is truly surprising to me how little food it takes for me to feel physically full (now soul hunger is another post altogether).  Why do we continue to buy the concept that apps and desserts are part of the full meal…(these things only made sense back in the day when portion sizes were minute)

Debt is the same – a lot of people just accept it as ‘normal’ to be in debt…I mean wouldn’t it be wonderful to be debt free but it is just a pipe dream, far off in the distance.  From mortgages to student loans to consumer debt to car loans – we have been programmed by our environment to just accept that this is the way life is.  Purchasing items are even advertised to us in terms of debt as in only xxx per month to acquire an object – they want us to be firmly entrenched in the culture of indebtedness because it is profitable.

I for one want to break free from my normal because it is literally killing me.  I can no longer be lazy and whiny and say ‘how come she gets to eat that brownie and I don’t?”  Regardless of whether the referred to ‘she’ is making healthy choices, I need to choose and sometimes even create (on these roads less travelled there may be some undergrowth that needs to be macheted out of the way) my own path.  Comparing myself to the average bear is absolutely not going to help me towards the future of extraordinary health and mobility that I desire.



One response to “Breaking Free From Normal

  1. I don’t have much of a comment on the weight loss side of things (yet), but the debt thing … ugh. I completely bought in to it when I was younger and racked up $23k in credit card debt. I paid off $17k of it all on my own. Then I got laid off, it crept back up, I incurred some medical bills … so I just recently decided to declare bankruptcy on $18k of that stuff, because I also have $65k in student loan debts. And yet, knowing this, my friends are always telling me to “just put it on a credit card!” when I say I can’t go out. Then they’re shocked when I say I don’t have any. It’s a horrible culture.

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