Savings mean OPTIONS

My husband asked me an interesting question a few months ago….”what are we saving money for?” he asked…this question kinda left me speechless.  (this is kinda monumental for this interrupting (horrrrrrible habit of mine), always have an opinion kinda gal)

Why save??????  What kind of question is that? my mind got kinda wonky….”cannot compute” it said….

But seriously, I think it must be genetically programmed into me or something.  I have always been a little squirrel that way.  Just saving a little bit from every pay check (automatic deductions rock!) and never questioning why and what for.

For those who don’t have this hard wired (like my hubster), who need a ‘reason’…I think the best answer I can give for getting into the habit of savings is:  OPTIONS/FLEXIBILITY….I mean having a bit saved has allowed me to quit jobs that didn’t satisfy professionally, stay home with my daughter for extended period to raise her, take the opportunity to serve overseas…etc.  All good stuff and I was able to grab these chances all because I saved ‘just because’….I recommend it! 🙂



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