Rethinking Unlimited Choices

There is a deceit (is that too harsh?) in having choices that I am coming up against over and over as I contemplate my life.

Now to be fair, I have always had trouble with decisions so maybe this beef I have with ‘choice’ (specifically too much of it) is a personal pet peeve gone mad…but I don’t think so.

Are our lives really better because there are literally 100’s of boxed cereals to choose from?

Do you sense that people are more fulfilled because those ‘lovable’ network execs have produced another sitcom/drama for our viewing pleasure?

Is the world a better place because of the new mango-tango toothpaste flavour?

To me the answer is an unequivocal and flat-out, NO!

I think there was a time that I was in awe of all the choices of things out there to buy…do….go….but our big world has become a small marketplace with exotic and far off lands (and things) being so accessible that quite frankly, it has all become a bit overwhelming.  We are truly spoiled for choice these days.

The main deceit of choice  is really that more choice is somehow better….I mean ‘big corporation’ definitely wants you to believe that….hence them bringing out so many new products every year for the consumer to consume.   But is more choice really better?

Less choice means;

-saving money (less temptation)

-less stress because less decisions to make

-less time involved in making choices simply because you have less to consider

I could go on but just these three things hit the top three things most people would say they need for happiness/peace (more money, less stress, more time).

I’ve written this somewhat from the perspective of consuming products but I thing it transfers to almost everything in life….easier to make a choice amongst a few people to befriend and support fully then to try to choose amongst the million plus friends you *could* have….less stressful to choose amongst a few wonderful vacation spots etc….

Again, maybe it is just me.  I find too much choice distracting rather than helpful.  I have grown up in a life and era where choice abounds such that one must be disciplined not to start fearing ‘missing out’ on something (e.g. if I chose x then I will miss out on y).

Bottom line for me is that I’m learning that I don’t need to find out about all the stuff/people/places out there…I just need to focus on who I can love within arm’s length and meet my needs as simply as possible.


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