The Adventure of Love

When I started the blog it was very simple ….to write from my perspective of being a single, female, Christian….I felt and still do feel I have a lot to say about that season in life….(I may need to write a book someday…;)

I guess there just feels like there was much more adventure to be had when I was single….at any time, everything could change. I could quit my job! Jump out of an airplane! Find Mr. Right! …and do these at the turn of a dime. Now it would take weeks or months of planning and definitely a babysitter to do something exciting….hehe. Not that I’m complaining at all…it is just the case for this season in my life. It seems getting married and especially having a baby has permanently or at least temporarily narrowed my options of what my days can encompass on a day to day basis.

….or does it? I’ve been thinking the biggest adventures in life are much more of a cerebral/emotional/internal affair then we often think. (Not our fault….BIG CORPORATION wants us to believe that the good life is ‘out there’ to be had for a price…and advertises mightily to build this illusion) My humble estimation is that the most exciting ‘thing’ in life is LOVE….and not the heart-fluttery, i-see-my-reflection-in-your-big-brown-eyes kind. I mean the in-the-trenches LOVE of those (including ourselves) who don’t always deserve it, in ways that COSTS us emotionally, physically, financially. To deny ourselves and love. Now that would be quite the adventure.

More than weightloss or finances or male-female relationships, this pursuit of Love excites and scares me. To develop and grow in this area would make my life worthwhile.

“God is love” 1st John 4:8


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